Abraham is both a teacher and a pastor in Bor teaching Christian Religious Education. He teaches top class nursery sections and P1-3.

He began teaching in 2008, primarily out of a desire to improve literacy within his community. Teaching allows him the opportunity to share the word of God with the young generation.

Like many teachers in South Sudan, Abraham has struggled due to low wages and irregularity of pay. He also noted that, alongside teacher wages, the lack of proper education infrastructure has been a major challenge for teachers. Despite the challenges, he has remained committed to working as a teacher, because he believes this is a vital way in which he can support and show love to his community.

When asked about ways forward to improve education in South Sudan, Abraham commented that the “leaders of the country need to make peace in the country and reconcile the differences between communities.” He also believes that church and community leaders need to be actively involved in schools to create awareness of the importance of education for sustainable community development and to promote peace. Abraham believes that peace is absolutely necessary for the education sector in the country to realise its full potential.

Abraham is enthusiastic about IMPACT and hopes it will help improve the future of teachers and ensure they can meet their families’ basic needs.