IMPACT questions and answers

1. What is IMPACT all about?

IMPACT is a European Union (EU) funded programme which aims to pay monthly incentives worth $40 US dollars, over a period of 18 months, to 30 000 primary school teachers in South Sudan. The programme will also design and scale up a national Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for Education/Teacher Management.

2. Why is the IMPACT paying these incentives to teachers?

By paying incentives to teachers IMPACT aims to provide vital support to the education sector in South Sudan, enabling teachers to continue to teach and schools to continue to function. This will increase teachers’ attendance, improve standards of teaching and support to thousands of children in South Sudan to go to school. Motivated teachers is a critical factor in sustaining the social fabric, bringing communities together and ultimately help to build peace and stability in a country in which school-age children make up more than one third of the population.

3. Do all primary school teacher automatically get incentives?

NO, primary school teachers will not automatically get incentives. In principle, all front line primary educators are eligible to receive the incentives. This includes full-time primary school teachers, voluntary primary school teachers as well as Payam Education Supervisors teaching at least five lessons a week.   Incentives will only be paid to active teachers teaching in operational schools. In order to qualify for the payment there is a two-layered process: (i) the school has to qualify first (ii) teachers in qualified schools must meet eligibility criteria.

Schools must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Submit a Pupil Admission Register for Academic Year 2017
  • Send at least one pupil attendance reports to SAMS via 6464 or paper reporting
  • Report teacher attendance for every two-week period in a term to SAMS via 646 or paper reporting
  • Submit bank account details to SAMS
  • Have an active School Management Committee/Governing Body as evidenced on SAMS
  • Have an up-to-date teacher list on SAMS
  • Submit a copy of the school timetable to SAMS
  • From the first payment onwards, provide accountability for teacher incentives received.

Teachers considered eligible for incentive payments are:

  • Full-time front line primary educators actively teaching in school. This will be validated by assurance from the School Governing Body, and, in due course, enrolment in the HRIS system in order to be accepted as eligible for incentive payments
  • Classroom primary teachers teaching full time in primary schools
  • Voluntary teachers teaching full time in primary schools
  • Payam Education Supervisors teaching in primary schools at least five lessons a week and working full time on official duties during the balance of the time.

4. Will teachers receive incentives in US dollars?

No, incentives will be paid out in South Sudanese Pounds to all eligible recipients. Teachers who qualify will receive incentives worth the equivalent of $40 US dollars per month.

5. Is the incentive a salary?

No, the incentive is not a salary. The IMPACT incentives are a topping-up for a limited period of time.

6. What happens to incentives when a teacher stops teaching?

Incentives can only be paid to teachers who are actively teaching in operational schools, as evidenced through regular teacher attendance reports to SAMS and HRIS data.

7. What do I do when I have questions or need further clarification?

Call the School Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS) support hotline (supporting both IMPACT and GESS) on: 0954 610 303